About Jana

I'm a mentor and coach who train with tools to success by empowering others to live their greatness. I help people create improved health & quality of life with freedom to choose if they want to play with their kids any given day, freedom to go on vacation more often and not worry about going over budget. Freedom to take care of unexpected things that come up, freedom to devote their time to their true purpose in life! In other words:

After, I battled, overcome cancer and become a mother, I realized I need more time to spend with my love ones and enjoy life to the fullest but working 50hrs plus per week, I wouldn't be able to conquer my dreams and be present in my daughter's life like I wished.

Then, I was exposed to lifestyle training. I was willing to look at almost anything. So, I took a big look. I researched and attended private business receptions. I couldn’t believe what I discovered. I felt incredible excitement build inside me once I discovered the true income potential in this industry. I was blown away by the freedom and lifestyle that people enjoyed in this industry.

I remember saying, “If this is real, I am going to do this and failure is not an option!” So I began a quest to search for the very best network marketing company I could find.

Finally I found the right company, built it for 2yrs while working full time, and was able to quit my fulltime job and now Im my own Boss.
I've not only surprised myself that a business helping others in lifestyle could change my life too.
The rest is history. My dreams are finally coming true, and I owe all my success and good fortune to GOD, family, great mentors and home-based business.

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